Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

Our Vision and Mission

  • Our Vision:

    Every Spring ISD ECSE student will have a strong foundation for lifelong learning by demonstrating high cognitive and functional skills, as well as positive social-emotional skills.

    Our Mission:

    We believe that students deserve a positive classroom environment where individualized guidance and support make learning fun and creative!

What is ECSE?

  • Spring ISD Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) is a comprehensive continuum of services for children, ages 3-5, with identified delays in one or more of the five developmental areas. The five developmental areas are:

    • Motor
    • Social / Emotional
    • Self-help
    • Communication
    • Pre-academic

    Special services are provided at no cost to parents. Students with an identified disability and/or developmental delay are eligible for services beginning on their third birthdays, regardless of when their birthday falls within the school year. Some children identified with specific disabilities, i.e. visual or auditory impairment, are eligible for services at birth.

How Does a Child Qualify for ECSE?

  • If your child is not currently enrolled in a preschool program, you may contact the ECSE Assessment Center secretary, at 281-891-8290. The secretary will ask you a series of questions to identify what concerns you have, and she will schedule a screening with you. A screening is a pre-assessment to determine the need for further testing.

    At the screening, you will meet with the play-based assessment team (P-BAT). This team generally consists of an educational diagnostician and a speech-language pathologist; however, depending on your concerns, other professionals (i.e. licensed school psychologist, occupational or physical therapist) may be present as well. The professionals will ask you a series of questions while observing your child at play to determine if more testing is required. If so, you will be asked to sign consent for a formal evaluation.


    What is Play-Based Assessment? 

    Spring ISD ECSE uses play-based assessment to determine children’s eligibility. Play-based assessment evaluates a child in each of the previously mentioned five developmental areas. The educational diagnostician will facilitate the child’s play with a variety of materials (i.e. preschool toys, adaptive devices, switch toys, etc.) while the other team members observe. One or more of the P-BAT members will ask you questions during your child’s play to determine if your child is displaying typical behavior. Parents are present throughout the entire process and are highly encouraged to be a part of the assessment. Your input is critical in determining your child’s possible educational needs!

    What Happens After the Assessment?

    You will be invited back to meet with the play-based assessment team to review the findings of their assessment. This assessment is referred to as your child’s full and individual evaluation or FIE. At that time, possible eligibilities will be discussed. You will be given a copy of the FIE for your records. After you have had the FIE reviewed with you, an Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) meeting will be scheduled with you. It is important to note that it is the ARD committee that decides eligibility for special services, placement options, and educational programming for your child. You, the parent, are a member of the ARD committee, and as a result, you help determine your child’s educational needs.


What Services Are Provided By Spring ISD ECSE?

  • The services offered by Spring ISD are as varied as children’s unique educational needs. Spring ISD. ECSE always tries to accommodate your child in the least restrictive environment in order to promote educational success. Your child’s individual educational program (IEP) developed in your initial ARD meeting, will determine what services are provided. Related services such as occupational, physical, and music therapies are provided as determined by the IEP.

What If My Child Isn’t Three Yet?

  • Spring ISD has an obligation to “locate, identify, and evaluate” any child who has a suspected developmental delay. You can contact the ECSE Coordinator at 281-891-8290.

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