Early Learning Academy

  • The Early Learning Academy is an on-site lab school at Carl Wunsche Sr. High School to provide for the education of the young child from one through four years old. The Academy is organized into learning centers which are planned to provide the children with a wide variety of activities to benefit their development emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. In addition, the Early Learning Academy serves as a lab experience for the high school students. These students will develop skills that will prepare them for a career in the teaching of young children.

    The inclusive Early Learning Academy program in the four year old class at Carl Wunsche Sr. High School provides opportunities for children with disabilities to be fully integrated into a preschool environment with typically developing peers.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    Spring ISD staff members' children and children in the community are eligible to attend the Early Learning Academy. A child enrolling in the Early Learning Academy must be between the ages of one and four years old.

    Enrollment Procedures

    The application process for the Early Learning Academy begins the week after Spring Break. Applications are online at the Carl Wunsche Sr. High School web page and the Spring ISD, Curriculum and Instruction home page. By the end of May, all parents are notified whether their child is enrolled for the following school year.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Is the application kept on file from year to year?
    A. No, a new application must be filled out each year.

    Q. Is this a free service?
    A. No, this is actually a licensed daycare facility. The fees are $140 per week for one and two year olds and $130 per week for three and four year olds.

    Q. Where is Wunsche High School?
    A. 900 Wunsche Loop, Spring, TX 77373

Contact Us

  • Early Learning Academy
    Carl Wunsche Sr. High School
    900 Wunsche Loop
    Spring, TX 77373

    Courtney Allen Redford
    832-429-2978 (cell)

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