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    Parent/Guardian Classroom Visits
    Who May Visit: The right to observe a child’s instructional program during classroom time resides solely with a child’s parent, legal guardian, or foster parent and does not extend to grandparents, other interested close relatives, or caregivers.
    Who May Be Observed: The sole purpose of a classroom visit by a parent is to observe their student and the instructional program being presented. At no time should a parent’s motive for or focus of a classroom visit be to observe another student or students in the classroom. If the Principal has knowledge of or suspects that the focus of a parent’s classroom visit is to observe another student, he/she reserves the right to deny a requested visit or to end a visit in progress. 
    Scheduling: Visits must be scheduled through the Principal or Principal’s designee for a time and date convenient to both the parent and the teacher. The parental observation date shall be within a reasonable time frame following the initial request. A request for a specific date must be made no less than 48 hours in advance. No visits will be allowed while students are participating in assessments, quizzes or tests.
    Duration: To minimize potential interruptions and distractions during instructional time, the Principal or Principal’s designee reserves the right to limit the duration of classroom 
    Conduct During Classroom Visitation: Parents visiting classrooms should arrange their schedules to enter and exit the classroom in a manner that would not interrupt the instructional activities in progress. While visiting the class, the teacher will designate an area for parents to sit, generally in the back of the classroom. (Parents are asked NOT to sit with their student as this could create an unnecessary disruption for other students.) Once in the classroom and seated, parents are asked to remain seated and refrain from interacting with students or the teacher unless the classroom teacher initiates the interaction. Unnecessary noise and/or movement must be kept to a minimum. Parents wishing to discuss their students’ behavior after observing him/her during class should schedule a parent conference with the teacher. Parents who fail to observe the stated guidelines during their visit may be asked to leave the room if their presence or conduct unduly interferes with the orderly operation of the classroom. Any concerns or complaints may be addressed directly to the classroom teacher after regular school hours or to the Principal.
    No Audio or Video Taping of Classroom: Video and/or audio recording of classroom visits by the parent or guardian is prohibited. Electronic devices which could be used to video or audio record should not be visible during the visit. Violation of this guideline can result in dismissal from the classroom visit, and/or school site.
    School Administration: In certain cases, the Principal or his/her designee may also be in the room during the parent observation to protect the learning environment for all students.