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    Dress Code

    School is a place of learning, and dress code regulations will provide appropriate standards for the general appearance of students. The following outline shall serve as a guide for TCMS. All faculty and staff will enforce the campus dress code, and the administrators will have the final decision regarding appropriateness of dress. Dress code applies to all before- and after-school functions. Administrators will make every effort to help the students correct dress code violations so they can stay at school before parents are contacted. Students who do not comply will be required to have alternative clothing brought to them.

    1. Shirts must be buttoned so the chest is not exposed. Shirts that expose the stomach, torso, or are low cut in front, back, or sides, excessively tight, or see through are not allowed.

    2. Tank tops and camisoles are not allowed. Bras and bra straps are not permitted to show.

    3. A TCMS spirit shirt may be worn any day of the week.

    4. Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be knee length.

    5. Leggings, tight-fitted pants, or stretch material pants are not allowed unless under a skirt or dress of appropriate length. Pants that reveal skin are not acceptable. Holes in pants ARE ALLOWED WITH PATCHES THAT COVER THE ENTIRE HOLE OR TIGHTS WORN UNDERNEATH THAT COVER ALL SKIN.

    6. Shoes must be fastened or tied and on at all times (open-toed shoes, slides, house shoes, or flip flops are not allowed).

    7. Clothes may not be inside out or backward and must stay up/on independently.

    8. Extremely loose/big clothes (sagging pants) or extremely tight/small clothes (midriff baring tops, miniskirts, biker shorts, boxer shorts, short shorts, low cut blouses, pajama pants, athletic shorts) are not permitted. Students may not wear athletic shorts showing under the pants/jeans, or shorts. Students are only allowed to wear athletic shorts during their physical education or athletic class period.

    9. Abusive, suggestive or profane language, symbols of illegal substances, or any other words, symbols, or slogans that disrupt the learning environment may not be worn on clothing as jewelry.

    10. No paraphernalia that indicates or promotes gang membership may be worn or displayed.

    11. Hats may not be worn in the building. Head coverings of any kind (beanies, bandannas, scarves, do-rags) are not allowed.

    12. If a student chooses to bring a backpack, it must be a clear backpack. Purses large enough to be considered a backpack must be clear.

    13. Body piercings are not allowed except for the earlobes.

    14. Students MUST be able to present ID badges at all times.

    15. A student’s hair must be neat, clean, and must not be distracting or interfere with the learning environment. Extreme hairstyles and hair color that may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations are not acceptable. A male student may have neatly groomed facial hair. Noisy or distracting jewelry or accessories may not be worn. Nose/facial/tongue jewelry is prohibited. No grills allowed. No type of cap or hat is to be worn in the school. Only those caps or hats, which are part of a uniform related to a school activity, may be brought to school. Sunglasses may be worn only when prescribed by a physician.