• You can view school lunch menus here.  School Lunch Menu


    Apply for Free and Reduced Lunch for your student(s) here at https://www.schoolcafe.com/.


    Review the following document for income eligibility (available here at https://www.springisd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=208).


    Does your child have a food allergy?  Students with food allergies may have an alert posted in the cafeteria point of sale by having a medical authority complete the form below.  Please ensure that the information is complete and correct before turning it in to the nurse at your child's school.  Please also note that turning in this form will restrict all foods containing the allergens listed when the student eats in the cafeteria.  This form is not necessary for students who have mild food allergies or intolerances unless those ingredients need to be completely restricted from the child's diet.  Lactaid milk is made available at every meal.  See the Diet Modification Form.


    Dekaney is a closed lunch campus. Students are not able to leave campus for lunch. Students who choose not to adhere to campus policy will receive disciplinary consequences.