• Our Mission: 

    To empower our students to think, create, discover, problem solve, and to be their personal best, now and in the future. 

    Our Vision

    Hirsch Elementary will be known for creating and nurturing a culture of learning in order to produce innovative citizens of our global community

    Belief Statements

    •  We believe we must prepare students to confront new challenges in the areas of education, family, citizenship and career.
    •  We believe student success is dependent upon the shared responsibility of the student, family, community and school.
    •  We believe all students should be self motivated, respectful, and demonstrate integrity with compassion for self and others.
    •  We believe the teacher should facilitate an innovative and highly diverse learning environment to meet the unique needs and interests of all students.
    •  We believe all students can learn when provided with a meaningful, safe, engaging environment that promotes communication, collaboration, problem solving and professional ethics.