• Our Mission: 

    To empower our students to think, create, discover, problem solve, and to be their personal best, now and in the future. 

    Our Vision

    Hirsch Elementary will be known for creating and nurturing a culture of learning in order to produce innovative citizens of our global community

    Belief Statements

    •  We believe we must prepare students to confront new challenges in the areas of education, family, citizenship and career.
    •  We believe student success is dependent upon the shared responsibility of the student, family, community and school.
    •  We believe all students should be self motivated, respectful, and demonstrate integrity with compassion for self and others.
    •  We believe the teacher should facilitate an innovative and highly diverse learning environment to meet the unique needs and interests of all students.
    •  We believe all students can learn when provided with a meaningful, safe, engaging environment that promotes communication, collaboration, problem solving and professional ethics.

    The Hirsch Commitment

    Hirsch Elementary is committed to the goal of creating a school that is dedicated to successful student achievement at a high level. In order to achieve this goal, there must be a partnership between the parents/guardians, students, teachers and administrators of our school.

    Parent’s/Guardian’s Commitment

    In order for my child to learn, I fully commit to my child’s education in the following ways:
    • We will be responsible for the behavior and actions of our child.
    • We will praise our child for his/her effort.
    • We will ensure that our child arrives on time and is in school all day every day.
    • We will make ourselves available to our children and/or the school and address any concerns they may have.
    • We will provide Hirsch Elementary with current phone numbers and will immediately update numbers if they change.
    • We will discuss our child’s homework with him/her each evening. We will also review skills being taught in the classroom.
    • We will carefully read all correspondence sent home from school and will also sign and return any tests, forms or other papers as requested.
    • We understand that our child must follow the procedures at Hirsch to protect the safety, interests and rights of all individuals.

    Student’s Commitment

    In order to learn, I fully commit to my education in the following ways:
    • I will show respect for myself and others.
    • I am responsible for my own behavior.
    • I will arrive at school on time. I will do whatever it takes to learn.
    • I will always work, think and behave in the best way possible.
    • I will complete all my homework every night.
    • I will raise my hand and ask questions if I do not understand something in class.
    • If I make a mistake, I will tell the truth and accept personal responsibility for my actions.
    • I will always strive to play fair and show good sportsmanship by celebrating the success of others.
    • I will always behave in a respectful manner that protects the safety, interests and rights of every individual at Hirsch.

    Teacher's Commitment

    In order for my students to learn, I fully commit to my students’ education in the following ways:
    • I will celebrate my student for his/her effort on a daily basis.
    • I will provide engaging lessons based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
    • I will keep in close contact with parents.
    • I will make myself available to parents by having open communication.
    • I will build relationships with parents and students.
    • I will work with students, parents, administrators, counselors and any available personnel to help each child reach his/her maximum potential.
    • I will always protect the safety, interests and rights of all individuals at Hirsch.
    • In addition to the core academic teachers, all other teaching staff fully support this commitment.

    Administrator's Commitment

    In order for students to learn, I fully commit to the education of all students in the following ways:
    • I will celebrate the achievements of students, staff, and community.
    • I will do whatever it takes to provide a quality education for all students.
    • I will do whatever it takes to provide a learning environment that supports student success
    • I will foster and nurture relationships that will promote mutual trust and respect for students, parents and staff.
    • I will ensure that engaging lessons are developed and taught to promote higher level learning for all students.
    • I will provide staff development to ensure that professional growth is continual.
    • I will provide an environment that encourages and welcomes participation and communication among parents, staff and students.
    • I will always work to protect the safety, interests and rights of students, staff and parents.