• Dear Parents,


    Welcome to Spring ISD Virtual School. We look forward to serving you and your student this school year. We want you to know that we are committed to providing a quality online
    learning experience for your student.


    Our vision is to ensure individualization, innovation and inspiration. We are committed to:


    1. Provide students with an exemplary education
    2. Prepare students for post secondary education and career choices
    3. Utilize emerging technologies to provide individualized instruction that inspires
    4. Ensure the development of 21st Century Skills
    5. Spring ISD Virtual School has incorporated the following belief statements as a testament to our
    6. We believe our primary customer is the student and it is the teacher's role to engage our diverse population of students in their learning experiences.
    7. We believe learning is innovative and is an evolving process that involves collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving with application to the world we live in.
    8. We believe each student is unique and can achieve success by being an active participant in the online experience.
    9. We believe building teacher capacity is paramount to designing engaging and effective lessons.


    You will also find individual commitments from each of our teachers located in your student's course room. If at any time, you believe that we are not abiding by our commitments, you are encouraged to contact me. Your feedback is not only welcomed, but encouraged.


    Once again, we look forward to serving you and your student. Please feel free to contact us by visiting our staff page.