• Why Us?

    Spring ISD Virtual School is an innovative, online program of choice. Students in our district high schools and middle schools have the option to enroll in our courses that include both required subjects such as reading or math and elective subjects like Spanish, art, and physical education. Their reasons for doing so vary widely, but for all of them, they gain benefits beyond the classroom such as time management, personal learning style, and more.

    We Educate

    • Unique learning experience for each student
    • Learning within your personal learning style
    • Explore learning with students across the district and beyond

    We Inspire

    • Opportunity to graduate early
    • Connect with the community through service learning projects
    • Preparation for college

    We Personalize

    • Individualized instruction to ensure successful learning
    • Intervention process to provide additional support when needed
    • Individual student goal-planning with counselors

    We Innovate

    • Flexible scheduling
    • Recover lost credits or earn extra credits
    • Utilize emerging technologies