• Dear Student,


    Students registered for Virtual Learning Program courses should login to the website to start their course. If a VLP course is not listed on the student’s schedule, he/she will need to email Dr. Denise Chevalier at dchevali@springisd.org with VS Schedule Error in the subject line. In the body of the message, provide your name, ID#, and a detailed description of the error (i.e. change Eng 3 to Eng 3VS, add Govt VS 8th pd,). Virtual Learning Program counselors will resolve all scheduling errors that involve VLP courses. Students will have access to their course by following the instructions below.


    1. Go to http://sisdvs.springisd.org
    2. Input the username and password which was provided in your acceptance letter
    3. Locate the Virtual School Orientation Course on the left side menu bar and click to enter
    4. Scroll down to locate "Start Here" and click to open the activity
    5. Watch the introductory videos
    6. Continue to the orientation checklist
    7. Follow the directions provided to complete all orientation assignments. 


    Important Reminder:
    Students are required to login and enter their course 5 out of a 7 day cycle to meet attendance requirements. Any student accumulating 9 or more absences may be denied credit.


    If you have any questions, contact your Virtual Learning Program Teacher located under the teacher profile page of your course. You may also contact the following Virtual Learning Program personnel:


    Technical Assistance:
    Phone: 281-698-0162

    Virtual School Counselor:
    Dr. Denise Chevalier, Counselor

    Learning should be flexible and meaningful, and our staff will do everything we can to help all of our students in the virtual environment, but we need to partner with you, the parents, to truly maximize our efforts.