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    General Guidelines and Security
    You are always welcome to visit us at Smith Elementary School. During the school day please use only our front entrance. If you need to have a conversation with a staff member we encourage you to call ahead for an appointment. This will help assure you get the assistance you need. When checking in with our front office, we ask you to show your Texas Driver’s license or other valid picture identification. This helps us provide a safe environment for all students, staff, and visitors. At the conclusion of your visit please sign out with the front office.
    Guidelines for Breakfast and Lunch
    Free breakfast will continue to be offered to all students and will be eaten in the students' homeroom. Parents will not be able to eat breakfast with their child. For lunch visits please sign in at the front office before proceeding to the cafeteria. Parents should provide us with a permission note for any other relatives who should be allowed lunch visitation privileges unless the visitor is already listed on the school registration form. Please enjoy your lunch at our visitors’ table in the cafeteria with only your child. Please sign out at the front office after lunch.
    Guidelines for Classroom Observations
    You are always invited and welcome to visit in your child’s classroom. We would ask that while visiting you adhere to the following guidelines to help eliminate any disruptions to the teaching process or classroom environment. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
    1. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a visit. We want to have a comfortable chair for you and we want to be sure we aren’t having an assembly or giving a test.
    2. All visitors must sign in with the front office and wear a visitor’s badge.
    3. Only adults are allowed in the classroom.
    4. Please limit the length of your visit to 30 minutes in duration.
    5. Conferences or conversations with the teacher will need to take place during the teacher’s conference period or at another agreed upon time.