Achieve the Change
Living the Springway
in the Classroom
Cultural Responsiveness
Model respect, sensitivity and interest
Greet your students warmly
What to do
Set consistent and explicit expectations
Joy Factor
Interact positively with all students
Precise Praise
Acknowledge and praise responsible behavior
Positive Framing
Offer calm and clear corrections
Demonstrate Success
Show what excellence looks like

Spring Teachers are Motivated to Achieve the Change

Superintendent Dr. Rodney Watson challenged teachers to focus on ways they can achieve the changes they want to see in their students by creating classrooms where every child is expected to succeed, no matter what.

That “no-excuses” approach to education underscores the district’s first embedded professional development session of the year for more than 2,400 campus educators, who attended one of three events throughout the day on Sept. 18 with future feeder-pattern colleagues. Read more.

Dr. Rodney E. Watson, Superintendent of Schools

Introducing “Achieve the Change”

As we begin the third year of our EVERY CHILD 2020 strategic plan -- a year that has been earmarked for achievement -- we hope you will partner with us as we make changes that will impact student success.  Read more.