EVERYday Counts Teacher Attendance Program

  • EVERYDay Counts, Attendance Matters Every day of learning counts. Every day of instruction counts. That’s why attendance matters – both for our students and our teachers.

    To encourage and reward good staff attendance, Spring ISD offers an EVERYday Counts Teacher Attendance Program. This program is part of the district’s strategic compensation work, which recognizes and rewards high performance from every employee as outlined in our EVERY CHILD 2020 strategic plan.

    All full-time campus-based classroom teachers are eligible to participate in the district’s attendance program. In this program, eligible staff with two or fewer absences each semester will be placed into a drawing for a $1,500 bonus. Drawings for the fall semester will be done in January or early February and for the spring semester in August or September. The number of incentives awarded per campus per semester varies by school level and type of school:

    Breakdown of Semester Drawings:

    School Level or Type of School Incentives Per Campus Per Semester
    Elementary Schools Each campus will award one incentive of $1,500 each semester
    Middle Schools Each campus will award two incentives of $1,500 each semester
    Comprehensive High Schools
    • Dekaney High School
    • Spring High School
    • Westfield High School
    Each campus will award three incentives of $1,500 each semester
    Spring Early College Academy Will award one incentive of $1,500 each semester
    Wunsche High School Will award two incentives of $1,500 each semester

    Additionally, a full-year incentive drawing will be conducted above and beyond the regular semester drawing. This drawing will be done at the start of the next school year. In this drawing, returning staff with no absences for the entire previous school year will be placed in a districtwide drawing where five $3,000 incentives will be awarded.