Are you ready to go globe-trotting this summer? If you’re on this website, you’ve taken the first step of your Journey into Reading, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the world through fun activities that will challenge and engage you.

    You should have gotten your Passport at school. That’s the document that will help guide your travels and take you to the highest peaks on all seven continents. Along the way, you’ll be reading, creating, imagining, and generally having fun as you learn a little about each destination.

    Because this is Your Journey, you get to choose how you want to spend your time on each continent. The options are numerous, like making a flip book, designing your own musical instrument, cooking a recipe or simply reading a book. All of these choices will help bring you closer to Reaching the Seven Summits and open the doors to new ideas and adventures.

    So get out your passport and hit the road. Each time you complete an activity, check it off in your passport. Students who complete at least one activity per continent and return their passports and supporting materials to their campuses when school reopens in August will be entered into a prize drawing.

    If you need help, come back and visit this website often. Over the summer, we’ll be hosting special events and listing them here where you’ll have a chance to complete activities in your passports.

    Remember, it’s a big world out there with plenty to see and do. So start your Journey into Reading and you’ll be going places.

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    Click on the different continents to see all the activity options. Each summit on each continent offers different content areas to explore - Art, Math, Social Studies, Movement, Reading, Science and Music. Find the activity or activities most interesting to you.

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