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Cecily Parker

Welcome back to this year's growth-filled adventure!

My name is Cecily Parker. I am the proud principal of Jenkins Elementary School.

Our theme this year comes from the book, “The Magical Yet.”


We are thrilled to welcome you to this enchanting journey that awaits you. This year will be all about the magic of learning and personal growth where you discover that you have the power to make incredible things happen.


Imagine stepping into a world where anything is possible. A world where you can discover new talents, explore different subjects, and watch your knowledge and abilities grow. That's exactly what this year has in store for you.


Each day, you will embark on exciting quests that will challenge and inspire you. From solving mind-boggling math problems to unraveling the mysteries of science, every lesson will spark your curiosity and encourage you to think critically and creatively.


But that's not all – personal growth is an essential part of this magical journey. You have the opportunity to become the best version of yourself, both academically and personally. Set goals, overcome obstacles, and watch yourself transform into a more confident, resilient, and empathetic individual.


Just like your favorite person learns new skills, tricks, and plays, you will acquire new skills and knowledge that will help you navigate through life's challenges. Along the way, you will also make new friends, discover hidden talents, and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.


Remember, the key ingredient to this magical journey is your own determination and effort. Believe in yourself, raise your pencil, and work hard to unlock the power within you. Embrace mistakes and failures as opportunities to learn and grow.


As you embark on this extraordinary adventure, always keep in mind that the real magic lies within you. You have the power to make this year a truly remarkable and transformative experience.


Get ready to unleash your full potential and let the magic begin!


Welcome to a year of wonders and growth!


Cecily Parker


Jenkins Elementary School