• About Major Elementary


    Major Elementary is a Pre-K through Fifth grade elementary school campus. We opened in 2009 under Principal J. Harville. Since opening we have had two additional Principals, Principal P. Correa and currently Principal S. Dillard. We are proud to serve our current enrollment of about 700 Scholars! 

    Mission Statement:

    Major Elementary builds a foundation for life-long learning through rigorous academics, quality instruction, nurturing the whole child, and empowering them to become real world problem solvers and model citizens.


    Major Elementary students will be responsible, self-confident, critical thinkers, who can work collaboratively to ensure they reach their full potential: academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. Major's staff will model a growth mindset and exhibit perseverance through all challenges. Excellence is expected everyday from scholars and staff.

    Core Beliefs:

    Major's faculty and staff honor the following core beliefs: Maintain a growth mindset; Align instruction to data and what is best for kids; Joy in teaching students using culturally-responsive practices and learning effective instructional techniques; Open communication and collaboration; Respectful and reflective culture Major is adding two new core beliefs for the 2017-2018 school year: Excuses free and Sense of urgency Major's students honor five core beliefs of Excellence in ascending order: Positive, Polite, Productive, Persistence, and most of all Powerful.


    Major Elementary has earned many awards since opening. Most recently, we earned several distinctions from the State of Texas for our growth on the the STAAR Test.