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    Our Model 2019-2020

    In Spring ISD, we believe that with hard work and strategic planning we can overcome the aforementioned obstacles. We are committed to aligning our resources with our needs and dedicated to investing in the development of our most valuable resources, classroom teachers and campus administrators. We have redesigned our Workforce Development Department to support our people. We know that it is only with effective teachers and leaders at every campus that we can expect to see increased student performance.

    Workforce Development will implement a NEW targeted system of support/development for teachers and leaders. This support will provide continuous, comprehensive and differentiated assistance with embedded reflective practices. The system of support is designed to ensure that teachers and leaders are allowed to focus on developing their craft by instituting the following consistent, targeted and effective development and coaching model.

    The Spring Independent School District’s Theory of Action states: An aligned curriculum with corresponding progress measures supported by differentiated professional development implemented with fidelity results in increased student achievement. The primary work of the WFD Team is to provide professional development services through professional learning sessions and teacher coaching sessions. Professional learning sessions will be conducted as needed to support the aligned curriculum and
    corresponding progress measures.


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