Ms. Shamethia Dillard- Principal



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Shamethia Dillard- Principal

Serving Major Elementary's community is an exciting journey as lives of students are being impacted by a school community that is eager to teach every student that walks through our front doors. I am Shamethia Dillard, principal of Major Elementary since 2016. I began my educational journey at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, for three and a half years.  I graduated from the University of Houston System.  I have always wanted to help children initially through the medical field. However, once I took my first education class and mentored my first student, I was sold that this field was for me. I have served in education for over 15 years, with the first year as a classroom teacher at the Church Without Walls, private school in 2002.  From there I taught in the Acres Homes community, FortBend ISD, and Houston ISD. I then mentored teachers as a Regional Math Specialist,  Instructional Coordinator, and Assistant Principal, in Houston ISD. Aside from the world of Major ES, I am a mother of three and a praise dancer at Fallbrook Church. My goal for all Major ES scholars is to ensure that they achieve their annual academic goals and to create a sense of joy for learning everywhere they go. 

My educationals motto are:

"All students can learn as long as they have a teacher that is willing to teach them how they best learn."
"An excuse is just a reason to not put the mind/body to use."