• Students Affairs Office: Empowering Positive School Climate and Safety

    Our Mission

    The Spring ISD Student Affairs Office is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and safe learning environment for all students. Our mission is to empower schools to improve student achievement, school climate, and safety by providing expert support, evidence-based strategies, and collaborative solutions.

    Key Menu of Strategies

    Behavior Specialist Support

    Our team of behavior specialists is here to assist campus principals in implementing effective strategies to enhance school climate and safety. Principals can choose from the following menu of strategies tailored to their school's unique needs:

    1. PBIS Implementation: Create a positive school culture by adopting Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Our specialists will guide you through the process, from defining clear behavior expectations to developing a rewards system.
    2. Restorative Practices: Promote healthy relationships, conflict resolution, and community-building through restorative practices. Our experts will train your staff and assist in the implementation of restorative circles and conferences.
    3. Professional Development: Equip your teachers and staff with the tools they need to effectively manage classrooms and support positive student behavior. Our professional development sessions cover classroom management, trauma-informed practices, and culturally responsive teaching.
    4. Mental Health Services: Prioritize student well-being by increasing access to mental health resources and counseling services within your school. We'll help you establish partnerships with local mental health agencies and provide guidance on support systems.
    5. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Utilize behavior data analytics to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies. Our specialists will help you collect and analyze data, ensuring informed adjustments to interventions.
    6. Family and Community Engagement: Strengthen relationships with students' families and the community through workshops, family nights, and mentorship programs. We'll provide guidance on effective engagement strategies.
    7. Crisis Intervention and Safety Planning: Prepare your school to respond effectively to critical situations while maintaining a focus on student well-being. Our specialists offer guidance on crisis intervention and safety planning.
    8. PBIS Scaling and Sustainability: Extend the implementation of PBIS across the school district. We'll support you in scaling up and sustaining a positive behavior framework.