• Mass Notifications for Teachers = Teacher Communications

    Mass Notifications (MN) by Finalsite (formerly known as Blackboard Mass Notifications and commonly referred to as just Blackboard) is the main platform used by the district and campuses to communicate with parents, students, staff and teachers.  MN has features available to teachers to facilitate communication with the students and parents in their current classes.  These features collectively are referred to as Teacher Communications.

    Teacher Login to MN

    To log into MN, go to springisd.parentlink.net and use your district username and password. Once logged in, you can send email and/or text/SMS messages to parents of the students for classes in which you are the teacher of record.  In MN, students only have their district-issued email address on file.  Parents have their own personal email addresses and text/SMS numbers on file provided that information is posted in eSchool.  Parents can update their contact information in HAC or by contacting the school office to update in eSchool.

    How to Use Teacher Communications

    Here are some helpful resources to help you use the Teacher Communications tool to communicate with parents.

    Teacher Communications Tutorial/Demo (YouTube)

    Teacher Communications Send Message Training Video (YouTube)

    Additional Resources

    Get Started with Community Engagement for Teachers
    An introduction to Teacher Communications

    Community Engagement Help for Teachers
    Detailed step-by-step instructions to create and send messages using Teacher Communications


    For assistance with Teacher Communications, please contact Pete Lares, plares@springisd.org, 281-891-6011 or the Finalsite Help Desk, 800-829-8107.