Odyssey of the Mind
  • Hello Future

    Duiett Eagle OMers!!!

    Odyssey of the Mind will meet one day a week afterschool to work on our long-term problem and practice spontaneous problems. Teams may choose the best day of week after they are formed.  Teams may choose to meet more frequently as we get closer to competition in the SPRING.

    Regular meetings will be from 4:45-6:00 or 6:30 (tba)

    Please be committed to coming to practice each week


    We will have 3 intro meetings to gather teammates and create teams.

    On the 4th meeting the long-term problems for this year will be revealed. You must be present at the fourth meeting to be a registered team member! (date to be announced)

    Teams will choose their long term problem.

    After this point our teams are locked in for the year.

    Next Intro meetings are after school.

     Tuesday NOV 1, Wednesday NOV 9


    Sooooooo…. bring friends and creative people to the next meetings so we can build our teams.


    Email Coach Ms. Myers if you have any questions: jmyers2@springisd.org