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    Dueitt Eagles
    “Nothing Entitled Everything Earned.”


    Culture drives expectations and beliefs: expectations and beliefs drive behavior: behavior drives habits: and habits create the future; It all starts with culture.


    All players are expected to maintain high academic standers. Any player who receives a failing grade on a progress report, or six weeks’ grade will be required to keep a weekly grade card which must be signed by the teacher. Extra condition will also be assigned. Attendance in before/after school tutorials will always be available to every athlete in the program.  


    Communication is key!!

    It is very important that there is a good line of communication between coaches and parents. When these conferences are necessary, the following procedures should be followed to help promote a resolution to the issue or concern.

    1. Set up an appointment by contacting the coach.

    2. Never confront a coach before or after a game or practice. These can be emotional times for all involved and this nature of contact does not promote resolutions.

    Chain of Command Plan

    v  Current Coach

    v  Head Coach

    v  Athletic Coordinator: K.Dillon  kdillon@springisd.org

    v  Principal: S. Rodgers

    v  Assistant AD: A. Jacinto

    3 Strike Rule 

    Strikes will have consequences: Student athlete will be unable to return until consequences get resolved.

    • Strikes:
      • Unexcused Absence
      • 1 Stent in EC
      • 2 D-Halls
      • Disrespect
      • Not in Proper Uniform x 2
      • Fight
    • Immediate Removal:
      • Stealing
      • Drugs possession or use
      • Alcohol Possession or use
      • Weapon Possession or use
      • Inappropriate Use of Social Media
      • 3 STRIKES

    Email, Text, Snapchat, Instagram:

    Any Player caught using E-mail, Text Messages, Snapchat Instagram, etc. Any social media network or media posting negative comments about teammates, coaches, school personnel, or opponents are subject to suspension or removal of the athletic program.