• Welcome to Athletics at the Bailey School for Performing and Visual Arts!


    Boys Athletics Office

    Office: 281-891-8000

    Royal Hammond, Athletic Director


    Girls Athletics Office

    Office: 281-891-8000

    Denitroy Green, Coach


    Tamiko Hamilton, Coach


  • Important Information


    All students involved in the athletic period must attempt to participate in at least 2 sports throughout the school year.


    Athletic paperwork and pre-participation forms for Spring ISD are online. It is mandatory that all 7th-12th grade prospective student athletes fill out UIL and SISD paperwork before they will be allowed to participate in any practice or contest before, during or after school, including tryouts. The website is designed to streamline the process and conserve valuable resources. Go to SPRINGISD.RANKONESPORT.COM and complete the Athletic Participation form which includes all mandatory UIL paperwork.

    The Physical and Medical History must still be turned into respective coaches. This piece of paper must be signed and stamped by a physician. A parent and student athlete must sign the physical.

    Please click HERE to access our district Physical/UIL Participation Form required for all student athletes.  Physicals MUST be current in order for participation.



  • Boys Athletics

    *Click the name of the sport to access the schedule.


    Coaching Staff

    Eric Diaz

    Sean Gill

    Royal Hammond

    Dewayne Harrold

    Aloysious James

    Gregory Sever

    Kevin Williams

    Cross Country

    Coaching Staff

    Denitroy Green


  • Girls Athletics

    *Click the name of the sport to access the schedule.


    Coaching Staff

    Kendra Lee

    Tamiko Hamilton

    Jasmine Wyatt

    Lea Smith


    Cross Country

    Coaching Staff

    Denitroy Green