• Tracking Badges


    All teachers will be provided with a google document by grade level to track the number of temporary badge distributions. If a student does not have a badge for three consecutive days then he/she will need to purchase a replacement. Please document on the spreadsheet. This will allow us to collect data and make adjustments for improvement. In addition, any damaged badges beyond reasonable recognition must be replaced. If needed, the tracking form should be completed daily by 9:30am.


    Level of Communication


    1st Day: Teacher contacts parent via class communication mode: Dojo, Tag, Remind or Email (warning)

    2nd Day: Teacher contacts parent via phone & Parent Notification Form (PNF)

    3rd Day: Teacher notifies admin by adding student to ID Request Form

    (An administrator/counselor will contact the parent)


    Request for Student ID Badge Replacement


    A replacement card must be purchased once a student has reached three consecutive days without an identification card. Students who lose their IDs may purchase replacement badges for $5 in the Attendance Office before school. Parents will be notified and directed to complete the replacement form using a link located on the school website and weekly newsletter.


    Cost of Replacement


    • Temporary ID Badge $1.00 (After 3 consecutive days)

    • Full Replacement ID Badge $5.00

    • Student ID (card only) $3.00

    • Lanyard $3.00

    • Sleeve $1.00