• Student Registration

    In order to register your child, please bring the following information:
    • original birth certificate
    • social security card of the child
    • immunization record
    • proof of residency
    • report card from previous school
    • STARR scores

    Student Withdrawal

    A letter signed by parents/guardian should be presented to the registrar at least 48 hours prior to the student’s last day of attendance, stating the reason for withdrawal and the date of withdrawal. The registrar will verify this information. All textbooks, library and supply records, as well as other fines or assessments must be cleared prior to withdrawing. The registrar will provide the student with a form requiring the signatures of the student’s teachers, the librarian, the nurse, the counselor, the assistant principal and the registrar which must be completed and returned to the registrar before the student’s records can be cleared. The student should leave a forwarding address with the registrar.
    You can also view the Student Handbook for more information.
    Or the District Website for more information