• Transportation

    Our Car Rider Procedure is a crucial component of our school's daily operations, meticulously designed to ensure a smooth transition for our students and maintain a safe and efficient process. We kindly ask all staff and parents to read this procedure carefully, as it plays an essential role in maintaining the well-being and organization of our school community.

    By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure that our car rider process is not only seamless but also guarantees the safety of all students as they depart from our campus. Your cooperation and careful consideration of these procedures are greatly appreciated, as they contribute to the overall success of our school's operations and the security of our students.

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    Please remember to send written transportation changes with your child(ren) if he/she will be going home differently.

    If you would like to check your child's bus route, please click on the school bus below.

    If you choose to pick up your child early, please do so by 2:30 pm.   No changes in transportation can be accepted after 2:30 pm. For safety purposes, no transportation changes can be accepted over the phone.

    Information regarding transportation can be found in the student handbook.

    Car Arrival

    Students should be dropped off in the car rider line in front of the building. Parents may also park in the front parking lot and walk their student(s) to the foyer. Doors will open at 7:35am. After 8:05 parents should walk their student(s) to the front office to obtain a tardy pass. 

    Reminder: Breakfast is served from 7:35am-8:05am. 

    Car Dismissal 3:25pm-3:45pm

    All parents/guardians must obtain a car rider tag number to pick up their child(ren). Car rider tags are available in the front office. Please ensure you pick up a tag before 2:30pm. 

    After 3:45pm, parents/guardians will have to pick up their child(ren) from the front office. A drivers license and/or ID is required to pick up a student from the office after 3:45pm. 

    New Bus Riders

    Students who enroll in Spring ISD (or change schools within Spring ISD) after September 1 each year are required to obtain a bus pass from their campus administrator and present the pass to the driver the first time he or she rides the bus.

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

    ● Ensure that your child is aware of, cooperates in, and obeys the safety rules for the bus as well as Instructions given by the bus driver. ● Ensure that your child waits at their designated stop. Students are allowed to ride only their assigned bus.● Ensure that your child demonstrates safe and appropriate behavior at the bus stop. ● Parents/guardians are not permitted to board the bus or disrupt the normal operation of the bus route. ● Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the Spring ISD Transportation Department at 281-891- 6490 in order to discuss concerns relating to their child(ren)’s transportation services. ● Once a student has boarded the bus, the driver is not authorized to release the student at any location other than the student’s campus or designated stop location.

    Pre-K and Kindergarten Students

    Pre-K and Kindergarten students will be released from the bus only with an approved person present to receive the student or with a sibling in 1st through 5th grade riding the same bus. Persons receiving Pre-K and kindergarten students from the bus (or siblings receiving the Pre-K or Kindergarten student) must provide the student’s 5-digit PIN number either verbally or visually to the drivers each time in order to receive their student. If a Pre-K or Kindergarten student cannot be released from the bus, the student will be returned to the school for the parent/guardian to pick up. Once a student has been returned to the campus twice in a semester, the student’s transportation services may be temporarily suspended according to the following guidelines: 137 1st Instance Warning notice will be provided to parent/guardian of requirement for Pre-K and Kindergarten students to be received by an approved person at the bus stop. 2nd Instance Student may have transportation services suspended for one (1) day. 3rd Instance Student will have transportation services suspended for three (3) days. 4th Instance Student will have transportation services suspended for five (5) days. 5th Instance Student will have transportation services suspended for a period of time not to exceed the remainder of the semester. (Student-Parent Handbook

    Bus: ZPass+ Student Accountability System and MyView Parent App

    Each student will be issued a passive RFID card that will be scanned each time they enter and exit the bus. A bar code of the student’s identification number will be printed on each card for use with the Point of Sale System through Child Nutrition. This system will allow parents to download a free application that will provide real-time, secure notifications regarding their student’s location. Notifications can also be sent directly to the parent’s computer or via text message. The MyView app utilizes GPS data provided by the current Zonar System to track and display the location of the assigned vehicle on an aerial map, powered by Google in near real-time. Parents can create and set alerts to let them know when the bus enters their neighborhood or gets close to the drop-off location. Every card distributed to students is programmed specifically for that child. When the student gets on the bus, they will swipe their card, which will enter their unique number into the system. By downloading the MyView App and entering their child’s unique number, parents will be able to track when the bus approaches their neighborhood. As students exit the vehicle, they will swipe their card again to show they have arrived at their campus or bus stop.

    Z Pass+ Sign Up MyView Parent App

    Should your child lose or misplace their card, they will still be able to ride the bus. The diver will manually look up the student when they board the bus and will do the same when the student exists. Process will be used only until the student received a new card. Parents/Guardians will be responsible for paying a $3 card replacement fee.

    Bus Safety Rules and Expectations Meeting the Bus

    ● Students must be on time and visible at the bus stop. It is recommended that students be at their bus stop five (5) to seven (7) minutes before pick-up time. Once a bus departs a stop or school, it will not stop for late students or stop at unauthorized locations to receive or discharge passengers. ● Students must not stand on the traveled portion of the roadway while waiting for the bus. ● Students must not approach the moving bus until it stops. Once the bus has stopped, the student may walk toward the bus to board once the driver signals to the student. ● Students must enter the bus carefully and in an orderly manner as instructed. ● Each student must scan their ZPass+ RFID card each time they enter the bus. ● Once on the bus, students must go directly to their seat and be seated properly so the bus may continue the route.

    Bus Safety Rules

    ● Students may only ride a bus to which they are assigned or one they are authorized to ride by a campus administrator through the issuance of a bus pass. ● All students are expected to accurately identify themselves upon request. For middle school/high school students, a school-issued identification badge shall be worn visibly. ● As an extension of the classroom, the same conduct level shall be observed as is expected in the classroom. ● Students must sanitize their hands before entering the bus. ● Profanity and obscene gestures are not allowed. ● Do not eat or drink on the bus. ● Do not litter or damage the bus in any way. ● Students are expected to comply with seating assignments made by the driver. ● Remain seated, facing forward, with seatbelt fastened (if equipped) while the bus is moving with all body parts inside the bus. ● Fighting, horseplay, and throwing objects are prohibited. ● All items prohibited at school are also prohibited on the bus. ● No live/dead animals or flammable materials are allowed on the bus. ● Large, bulky items that cannot fit under the seat or in the lap of the student are not allowed on the bus. ● Arrangements must be made for the parents to transport these items. This includes large band instruments and school projects. ● No skateboards, balls, roller blades, or balloons may be brought on the bus. ● Students are prohibited from tampering with emergency exits or emergency equipment.

    Corrective Action for Violation of Bus Safety Rules

    When a student fails to observe the bus safety rules, the driver will complete a bus safety referral and submit it to a Transportation Department supervisor. The supervisor will review the referral and coordinate with the campus administrator for investigation of the incident and assignment of corrective action based upon the incident. 135 1st Report Communication with parent and warning issued to student. 2nd Report Student may have transportation services suspended for up to three (3) days. 3rd Report Student will have transportation services suspended for five (5) days. 4th Report Student will have transportation services suspended for ten (10) days. 5th Report Student will have transportation services suspended for the remainder of the semester.