• tribes
    Booker Elementary School has implemented the TRIBES philosophy.

    TRIBES is a learning community approach to working together in harmony. Its foundation includes learning how to build group development through inclusion activities, influence activities and community activities while at the same time using four agreements: Attentive Listening, Mutual Respect, The Right to Pass and The Right to Participate and Appreciation…No Put Downs.

    For more information visit: www.tribes.com

    tribes map

    agreements Attentive Listening:

    · to pay close attention to ones another’s expression of ideas, opinions and feelings
    · to check for understanding
    · to let others know they have been heard.

    Appreciation / No Put Downs:

    · to treat others kindly
    · to state appreciation
    · to avoid negative remarks, name calling, hateful gestures or behaviours.

    Participation /The Right to Pass:

    · to have the right to choose when and to what extent you will participate

    · to observe quietly if not actively participating 

    · to choose whether to offer observations later to the group.

    Mutual Respect:

    · to affirm the value and uniqueness of each person

    · to recognize and appreciate individual and cultural differences

    · to offer feedback that encourages growth.

    The more these four agreements are internalized and enforced by students with one another the more order is maintained.