• Volunteer Guidelines

    Thank you for your willingness to volunteer your time, skills and Bobcat spirit with our students. We know that your time is precious and we hope to make your experience at Burchett meaningful for both you and our students. It is through parent involvement that we continue to strive to build a culture that motivates and engages students in learning as a “Way of Life”.



    Help in the library
    Help students with computer activities
    Work in centers with students
    Cut materials for teachers
    Assist with recess duty

  • Volunteering Procedures

    Prior to volunteering you must complete a background check. Click here to begin the application.

    • Arrangements must be made with the coordinating staff member prior to arrival.
    • Dress must adhere to the district professional dress code.
    • On the day you are volunteering you will sign-in at the front office. You will receive a badge that you will wear during your volunteer time.
    • If for some reason you are unable to meet your volunteer commitment please notify the front office at 281-891-8630.
  • Ways to Support Our School

    Room parent
    Put up bulletin boards
    Clerical help
    Assist with lunches

  • Volunteers SHOULD:

    • Be on time.
    • Only use staff restrooms.
    • Put cells phones on silent or vibrate mode when working in the classrooms.
    • Keep all information that pertains to students and staff confidential.
    • Have a positive attitude.


    Read to students
    Help with Car rider duty
    Listen to students read
    Go on field trips
    Help students with math activities


    Volunteers should...

    • NEVER administer discipline – Behavior problems should only be addressed by teachers and administrators.
    • NEVER initiate physical contact with students. Never put your hands on a student, especially when you are angry.
    • NEVER contact students outside of the school setting.
    • NEVER correct staff members. See the principal with any concerns relating to staff members.
    • NEVER be alone with students.
  • Becoming a Volunteer

    When you assume the responsibility of volunteering in the school, you must agree to adhere to the code of ethics that binds together professionals working in the field of education. Volunteers must use a professional level of discretion, which prevents discussion of students, teachers or internal school affairs outside the classroom. Sensitive issues should always be referred to the teacher first, or to the principal, if they cannot be addressed at the classroom level. We all respect the need for confidentiality of students, staff, parents and families. If at any time you are aware of a situation that could result in the endangerment of a child or children, please inform the classroom teacher, school counselor, or our campus administrator.

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