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    Here in Spring ISD, the mission of the Postsecondary Success Program is to ensure all grade-level campuses have access to high-quality pathways to colleges, careers, and the military.  Through this program, we want to ensure our students become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and responsible citizens who display good character – ready to contribute, compete, and lead in today’s global society. 



    Program Goal


    We will increase the percentage of students successfully enrolling in and completing high-quality specialty programs and pathways in Spring ISD through our college, career, and military programs.



    Why CCMR?  

    College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) ensures that all Texas high school students have access to high-quality pathways to a career and college. It is about preparing students for life after graduation. It is made up of curriculums, resources, programs, and activities that help students have the tools they need to enter college or the workforce and begin a career.

    There are several ways a student can demonstrate college, career, or military readiness. Please see the checklist below.


    CCMR Checklist 



    college College Ready
    Spring ISD offers multiple opportunities for students to receive college credits while in high school.


    careers Career Ready
    Spring ISD offers a broad Career and Technology Education (CTE) program. Students are able to gain industry work skills and certificates for employment.


    militaryMilitary Ready
    Spring ISD offers many opportunities to take the ASVAB; access to military recruiters; and exceptional NJROTC/JROTC programs at multiple campuses.

  •             JBarnes

    Jennifer Barnes, M.Ed, MA, BS
    Postsecondary Success Coordinator  
    Guidance and Counseling & Mental Health
    email:  jbarne1@springisd.org
    phone:  281-891-6362

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