• Transportation


    School begins at 8:00 a.m. Breakfast is served beginning at 7:30a.m. For the safety of your child, no students may be dropped off before 7:30 a.m.

    Dismissal Procedures

    Walkers/Bike Riders

    Walkers and bike riders are dismissed first. All students need to be off campus in a timely manner. If your child is an escorted walker, you must meet your child by the North gate.

    Car Riders

    Every student is given a car rider number at the beginning of the year. Please display this number in your windshield. You will be instructed to go to a numbered cone. Your car rider number will be called out and your child will also be instructed to meet you at that cone. To prevent confusion, please pull all the way up to the instructed cone.

    There are 2 parking lots: Lot A (#s 1-300) and Lot B (#s 301+)

    Lot A is the north main lot. Lot B is the south lot (closest to Rankin Rd.)

    Please help your child memorize his or her number so the dismissal process can go as quickly as possible.

    Car Pool

    If there is a group of 5 or more students that always ride home together, you may sign up for a car pool number. Car pools are picked up on the very south end of the building. Please call the office for more information.


    Several area daycares pick up students from Cooper. If your child will not be going to daycare after school one day, please notify both the daycare and Cooper of this change in transportation.


    The YMCA offers an afterschool program at Cooper. Please contact the YMCA for more information.

    Any change in your child's transportation must be in writing, through fax (281) 209-0035 or email to lmatthews@springisd.org and turned in before 2:30pm.

    We cannot accept any changes over phone.

    Transportation FAQs

    What time does my child need to be at school?

    Staff supervision begins at 7:30 a.m. Here is an outline of the arrival/dismissal schedule:
    7:30 Student drop-off begins (no drop-offs before this time)
    7:30 Doors Open-Breakfast begins in classrooms
    7:55 Students must be in the classroom by this time to begin the day
    8:00 Late students counted tardy
    3:15 Dismissal
    3:40 Supervision ends

    Which parking lot do I use to drop off /pick up my child?

    All Car Rider students will be assigned to parking lot A along with a number. These groupings are according to household, so if your child has siblings in another grade, they will all have the same parking lot assignment and number. Your child(ren) will have the same number assigned to them during their entire enrollment at Cooper.

    How will I know where to go pick up my child on the first day of school?

    Your child’s teacher/office personnel will have a master list of all car rider numbers. This information will be provided to all parents. On the first day of school, teachers will call parents/guardians to confirm how their students are getting home. For the first week of school, students will wear a sticker with their transportation information on it. Car rider signs will be provided to parents picking up students. If your child is a walker, please meet him/her at the bridge. We
    need to keep the front area and sidewalks clear for safety reasons. There will be staff members stationed between the school and the bridge to ensure the students are safe as they walk to the bridge.

    My child isn’t a car rider. Why does he/she need a number?

    All students are assigned a car rider number in event they change to that mode of transportation sometime during the school year.

    I want my child to ride his/her bicycle to school. Where are the bike racks located?

    Bike racks will be located on the sidewalk in front of the flag pole. Students will be responsible for locking up their own bicycle. The school is not held responsible for bikes that are stolen that are not locked up.

    What if I’m late or my work schedule doesn’t allow me to get to school by the dismissal/pick up time (3:15)?

    Since staff will only be available to supervise students until 3:40, all students must have some method of transportation available to them by that time (day care, walker, bike rider, etc.) If you are consistently unable to pick up your child (ren) on time, on-site YMCA after school care is available. A flyer will be sent home on the first day of school describing the program and the cost.

    Can I park my car in the parking lot or on Imperial Valley and walk up to pick up my child?

    For the safety of all students and staff, drivers are required to remain in their vehicles and wait for personnel on car rider duty to direct traffic and assist students to their vehicles. Students will not be released to any parent who walks up to the car rider area. The safety of our students is our primary goal.

    Can I use parking lot B (by cafeteria) for drop off or pickup?

    Beginning this year, Cooper will have buses and they will use parking lot B. Parents are not to use parking lot B for drop off or pick up. Lot A is reserved for car drop off and pick up.

    Can my child be a car rider in the morning and a bus rider in the afternoon or vice versa?

    Yes, students may have different modes of transportation in the morning than in the afternoon or vice versa. However, the school MUST be aware of every student’s afternoon mode of transportation.

    Can all students at Cooper Elementary ride the bus?

    No, you must qualify based on your physical address. You can check to see if your address qualifies using the following link:

    Can I walk to school to meet my child who is a walker?

    Yes, your child will be classified as an escorted walker and will meet you at the gates that are located along the front sidewalk. These students will not be released until a parent or guardian comes to meet the child.