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    Standardized Dress Code Policy 2022-2023 

    Heritage Elementary School's philosophy is to maintain a focus on the educational process and ensure the reduction of distractions and disruptions to the learning environment.


    • Shirts must be solid red, solid navy blue, solid light blue, or solid white.
    • Shirts can be worn with or without a collar.
    • Shirts can be long or short sleeved (tank tops or spaghetti straps are not permitted).
    • Heritage school spirit shirts 

    Bottoms (Pants, Shorts, Skirts, and Jumpers):

    • Must be solid khaki, solid black, or solid navy blue only.  Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be knee length. 
    • Must be worn at the waist and fit snuggly.
    • Blue or black denim jeans are allowed.  Jeans can't have holes, be ripped, torn, or stone washed.
    • Must have a belt if bottoms have belt loops.  


    • Should provide adequate support and safety.
    • Must be closed toe and have a backing.
    • Flip flops, house shoes, and slippers, are NOT allowed.
    • Must not have wheels or rollers.


    • Hair must be neat, clean, groomed, and must not distract or interfere with the learning environment.
    • Hair color and extensions must be a natural hair color.
    • Extreme hairstyles are not allowed. 


    • No oversized earrings, distracting jewelry, or accessories with inappropriate messages
    • Noisy or distracting jewelry may not be worn


    • No oversized purses, backpacks, or bags permitted. 


    Heritage Elementary School's administration reserves the right to make final decisions and revisions concerning the standardized dress code policy.  If a student is out of dress code, his/her parents will be contacted to bring a change of clothes.  Consequences will apply if the clothing is not changed.