• About Pearl M. Hirsch Elementary School



        Established in 1978 with an enrollment of 667, Hirsch Elementary was named for Pearl M. Hirsch, a Spring ISD teacher for 33 years. Mrs. Hirsch joined the Spring staff in 1935, beginning at the school in Bammel. Before that, she taught 14 years in the Tomball-Klein area. Mrs. Hirsch’s daughter, Mrs. Inez Tanner, was a Spring High graduate and came back to teach in Spring schools. For 11 years, they served on the same faculty at Spring Elementary (now known as Salyers Elementary School). Together, Mrs. Hirsch and Mrs. Tanner served the District for a total of 55 years.
        Hirsch students (HAWKS!) constantly amaze with their knowledgeable comments and thoughtful questions. We couldn't ask for a more supportive group of caring parents. It is easy to see why our students are so amazing!  
        After serving nearly 680 students last year, our current enrollment is closer to 710 students; we are elated with the growth, and thoroughly embrace the responsiblity of providing quality education as our community expands. With classes from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade students, ESL, Structured Learning, Campus Based Instruction, and Bilingual, we are equipped and excited about the ability to service a diverse population of student needs.   
        Entering our 37th year, Hirsch Elementary continues to instill a rich tradition of being a small community of learners. Our children are our future and we work hard every day to make sure they are prepared for that future. Our Mission: is to empower students to think, create, discover, problem solve, and to be their personal best now, and in the future!

    Hirsch Information

    School Colors:           Blue & Yellow
    School Mascot:          Hawk (keen eyes, highly intelligent)
    School Song:             Hirschy Hawks
    School Creed:            We're Hirsch Hawks From First to Last
    School Mission:         To empower students to think, create, discover, problem solve, and to
                                      be their personal best now, and in the future!