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362 Spring ISD 2nd graders participated in Project Saving Smiles. Good Job 2nd grade

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  • Weather Concerns:

    Please follow the weather forecasters to know how to dress for school.  Sometimes it is cold in the morning but warms up in the afternoon.  Layering is always a good idea.  Bring a sweater or jacket that is easily removable and stored. 

    Don’t forget to wash your hands and cover your coughs; we are still in flu season.

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  • March is Injury Awareness Month

    The weather is getting nicer and we all want to get outside and ride bikes, skate board and just have fun.

    1. Remember to check and make sure your equipment, skates and bikes are in good condition.
    2. Start out slowly and increase movements every day. Stop if your body hurts.  Your body is trying to tell you something.
    3. Be very observant when walking, riding or running close to a traffic area. Stop, Look & Listen.
    4. If you are injured seek medical attention. Ice packs can help initially if you have pain.  Scraps and cuts should be cleaned very well. If you are bleeding, having difficulty breathing or having chest pains call 911.

    Have a Safe and Injury Free Spring Break.

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  • ORAL HEALTH - How Do Children Enroll in Medicaid or CHIP?

    Parents or legal guardians can contact Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC):  Dial 2.1.1 or Call Toll-Free 877.541.7905

     Parents or legal guardians can also enroll online:  Medicaid -

    CHIP -


    What Are the Age Limits for Coverage?

    Medicaid - Birth through age 20

    CHIP - Birth through age 18


    How Can Medicaid or CHIP Members Enroll with State Dental Programs?

    Members can contact the state enrollment broker, Maximus: Medicaid - 800.964.2777

    CHIP- 877.543.7669

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  • Why get a flu vaccine?

    Read this helpful Flu Shot Flyer for the many reasons for children and adults to receive a yearly flu vaccination.

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  • About your child’s immunizations

    Parents: Do you have questions about your child’s immunizations? Do you have concerns about the safety of vaccinations?    If so, please contact Jeanne Parker, BSN, RN, Director of Health Services, and your questions can be answered in order to help you make an informed decision.

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  • Join Team Spring ISD!

    Parents: If you are a nurse, and would like to work the same hours as your child, Spring ISD needs you! We have several full time openings as well as substitute nurse positions available for RNs and LVNs. If interested, please contact Jeanne Parker, BSN, RN, Director of Health Services  281-891-6289.

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  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    Parents: Read this informative guide to Help Your Child Stay at a Healthy Weight.

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  • 3D Zika Virus

    Zika is a relatively mild virus with symptoms so mild some people don't even know they have it. The major danger is to pregnant women due to the high risk of birth defects.
    The risk of contracting Zika is related to mosquito bites. 
    1. Remove standing water from your environment 
    2. Use a mosquito repellent spray or lotion on your skin when going outside. 
    3. Cover up exposed skin when you are outside in an area that has mosquitoes.
    Prevention is the key to not getting Zika virus.


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Disease Control Measures

  • Please consult Texas DSHS or HCPHES for any further questions regarding local communicable disease control measures.

    Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services
    Telephone: (713) 439-6000
    Fax: (713) 439-6306

    Houston Department of Health and Human Services
    Telephone: (832) 393-5080 24 hr
    Fax: (832) 393-5232

    Texas Department of State Health Services
    Telephone: (713) 767-3000
    Fax: (713) 767-3006

Spring ISD Health Services

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    Health Services
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    Phone 281-891-6289
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    Director of Health Services
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