Welcome to the Department of Special Education

  • Our Special Education Beliefs:

    • With the proper support and opportunities, every student can learn and succeed. 
    • Learning differences and disabilities are to be respected
    • Parents of children with special needs should be viewed as valuable partners
    • Collaboration between special education and general education staff is imperative
    • All school staff are responsible for meeting the individual needs of students
    • Language differences are not disabilities, nor should they be a barrier to special education supports and service
    • All special education services should aim to minimize the impact of a disability while maximizing opportunities for students to participate in the general curriculum
    • Involving students with special needs in decisions affecting their education is empowering -- fueling self-efficacy and the ability to successfully transition into higher education and/or employment
    • High expectations informed by ongoing assessments foster a special education system that is fluid -- enabling students to enter and exit as appropriate
    • Special education staff are valued professional members of a school team


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