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  • Children are special and so is their education in Spring ISD. Approximately 8% of Spring ISD students have been identified to need specially designed instruction. These services are supported and monitored through the Spring ISD Special Education Department.

    Our Special Education Beliefs
    The Admission / Review / Dismissal (ARD) process is followed to determine which services a student needs. This is a collaborative process that includes parents, teachers, administrators, assessment staff, and other relevant staff based on student needs. The services to be provided are outlines through the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).

    Services for students receiving Special Education are provided in the student's "Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)". This means that Spring ISD provides a Continuum of Special Education Services for students determined on an individual basis through the Admission / Review / Dismissal (ARD) process to ensure LRE. If you have questions regarding Special Education Services, please contact our main phone number at (281) 891-6265.





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  • Spring ISD
    Special Education 
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    Phone: 281-891-6265
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    Email: msherwoo@springisd.org 

    Executive Director of Special Education
    Peg Sherwood


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