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    School Supplies on Sale Now!

    Order Securely online thru June 24th

    1. Go to www.educationalproducts.com/shoppacks

    2. Enter the school ID,  WIN002 (3 Letters/3 Numbers)

    3. Follow the directions to complete your order.

    4. Keep your online confirmation as your receipt.

    Tax included in price listed

    Pre-K -  $29.00       Kinder -  $46.00    1st  - $60.00

    2nd - $52.00       3rd - $60.00     4th - $57.00         5th - $46.00

    please click on the link 

    Winship School Supply list 2018 - 2019

    or come by the campus for a printed copy of this

    year's supplies for all grade levels.

     Supplies can also be purchased from your local

    retailer and if you have difficulty

    finding any of the supplies or need clarification

    about specific items, again,

    please contact Winship at 281-891-8210.