7:30am Doors open 
    7:55am First bell, Classes begin
    3:15pm Dismissal

    You are welcome to come and eat lunch with your child. The lunch times are as follows:

    Pre Kindergarten - 10:45AM - 11:30AM
    Kindergarten - 11:00 AM
    1st Grade - 12:30 PM
    2nd Grade - 11:30 AM
    3rd Grade - 10:30 AM
    4th Grade - 12:00 PM
    5th Grade - 1:00 PM

    Teachers and staff are responsible for supervising students beginning at 7:30 am each day. As you may be aware, many teachers and staff members arrive early each day. However, we use this time to prepare for the day. We respectfully ask that you honor our preparation time and not drop students off at school before 7:30 am each day. Since no staff members are available to supervise the students who arrive early, this could be cause for an unsafe situation for your child. Children who arrive before 7:30 am wait on the front porch with no supervision.


    If you choose to pick your child up early, please do so by 2:30 pm. No changes in transportation can be accepted after 2:30 pm.

    For safety purposes, no transportation changes can be accepted over the phone or by fax.