• Registration

    Registration Requirements:    

    -Certified copy of birth certificate or passport.

    -Current immunization record signed by a physician or physician’s designee (Click here for Immunization Requirements).

    -Proof of residence in Spring ISD (water, natural gas or electric bill or original lease agreement).

    -Social Security Card. If not available, the student will be assigned a State ID Number.

    -Legal guardian’s drivers license or department of transportation ID card (if parent or guardian is not a licensed driver in Texas nor has the person obtained a TXDOT ID card, other photo ID will be considered in combination with a birth certificate).

    -Most recent report card / withdrawal form from previous school.

    -Pre-K Only: Proof of income for everyone in the household. Most recent W-2 or current pay stubs for the previous or current month.

    -Pre-K students must be 4years old on or before Sept. 1st.

    -Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1st.

    Click here for registration forms.

    For more information call the school where your child will be attending or call the Leadership Center at 281-891-6000.