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Good Nutrition is Essential for Learning

 Good Nutrition is Essential for LearningHealthy food fuels better learning for students. For the 2023-24 school year, Spring ISD will offer free breakfast and free lunch to ALL students in every school, along with free supper to students involved in after-school programs at many of our campuses. Each campus will offer a la carte items for purchase at meal times. These items may be purchased with cash or the student’s meal account. This year, students will have the option to scan the barcode on their ZPass card or enter their PIN.

In addition, students who pack a lunch from home can utilize our “Pick 3” program, which allows them to come through the cafeteria line and grab three items for free: a hot or cold fruit, vegetable and a milk. With Pick 3, we hope to take away some of the burden of packing lunches and provide ready-to-eat sides for students to “bulk up” their lunch with healthy options.

Our trained chef works with our dietitians on developing kid-friendly and kid-tested menu items that our students actually enjoy and will eat.

Menus are available on the district website but also at, which offers complete nutritional information and an easy way to add money to your child’s meal account and manage the account balance. Sign up using your child’s student identification number.

Have questions? Visit: or call 281-891-6445. Remember, download the Spring ISD mobile app, and you can receive account balance notifications on your phone.