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Jesse Bankston

Jesse Bankston Q. Can you tell us a little about your service?

A. I joined the Army in 1996, serving four years of active duty as a wheeled vehicle mechanic. During those four years, I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, and in Germany. I deployed to Kosovo in 1999. In 2013, I rejoined as an Army Reservist and I am still serving.

Q. How do you think your time serving in the military affected your own personal growth or impacted your outlook on life?

A. My experience in the military enhanced my decision-making and leadership skills.

Q. What are some of the lessons, learned during your time in the service, that you still think of regularly in civilian life?

A. Being a sergeant in the military and a leader of soldiers, I used the same leadership techniques as working with my team. I always keep in mind integrity, teamwork and respect.

Q. What first drew you to education, and how did you end up working in Spring ISD?

A. When I first got out of the military, I worked for an independent auto shop for eight years. There was no true goal for the shop, just to repair cars and make money. I was searching for a place with stability and one where a team had a common goal like the military, to serve the community.

Q. Do you have any favorite ways to commemorate Veterans Day each year, or any special traditions you’d like to share?

A. Usually my family and I will just grill some burgers, and we just enjoy each other’s company.

Q. At this point in your own life and career, what does Veterans Day mean to you?

A. At this time of my life, Veterans Day is a sense of proudness for what veterans have accomplished, but most important is a gratitude to my family and other families who supported all the men and women who have served and are still serving. We could not do our job without their support.