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  1. Watch this video about climbing Mt. Denali.
  2. Find four friends. Each member of your team is to assume the role of a different type of cultural specialist from the list below.

Team Members:

  • Cartographer - Map and geography researcher
  • Historian - Researches the personal stories
  • Sociologist - Researches the community needs and histories
  • Resource Specialist - Identifies resources available to the individuals and communities

Your team will analyze the similarities and differences between the ways Native and Euro-American people have used the land in the area of Denali National Park and Preserve.

Each team member is responsible for contributing the type of research information appropriate to their role.

Drawing from your team's research, create either an electronic presentation or an informational display for the Park's Visitor Center describing how the two cultures have interacted with the land and resources of Denali National Park and Preserve. Be sure to address similarities and differences that you may have found. If your team decides to create an electronic presentation, make sure to save it on a USB to submit as an artifact. If you all choose the informational display, take a picture of your group on front of your display to submit.

Comic Book


  1. Watch a virtual field trip on the video below.
  2. Take out a few sheets of blank paper, pencils and colors.
  3. Create a comic book that shows what it’s like to live in Alaska, and what it’s like to climb Mt. Denali.
  4. Write out a script on notebook paper
  5. Make a thumbnail sketch. You can self-edit at this stage.
  6. Pull out your final paper and draw the boxes and sketch in the lines. Put more details in your paper.
  7. Now color your comic.

If you need help making comic books, click this site.

Don’t forget to place this completed activity/product into the pocket of your white Journey into Reading envelope.

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