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Eva Peron (1919-1952) was the wife of Argentine President Juan Peron.  She was very active in Argentina and often spoke up for those who were less fortunate.  She was also the first woman to ever run for office of the Vice President of Argentina. In the 1970s, a musical was created called Evita which was all about the life of Eva Peron. It was later turned into a movie.  There was one song in particular from the musical called “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” which became very popular over the years. Take a listen to the song on the video on the right.

  1. Take out a sheet of notebook paper. Write your name, date, and grade on the first three lines. Skip a line and write #1.

  2. Answer the following question: What feeling did the song give you? Stop and think about it for a few minutes.
  3. Now, follow the link below and read the lyrics to the song.

  4. Skip a line on your paper and write #2.

  5. Answer the following question: Who or what do you think the song is about and why?

  6. Write a paragraph explaining what you think.
Don’t forget to place this completed activity/product into the pocket of your white Journey into Reading envelope.

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