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Traditional Folk Dances of Argentina

Tango is considered one of the greatest national musical styles and dances of Argentina.  You may have heard the word Tango, but being able to recognize the music and the dance is a completely different thing.  In Argentina, all kinds of people participate in the Tango, all the way from very young children to the elderly. Everyone can participate!

Take a look at the video on the right called “I Can Tango” in order to learn how to do this classic Argentinian dance.

Think you’re too young to Tango?  Check out these two kids, D’Angelo and Amanda doing a Tango during their dance finals.  All you need is some music and some practice and you can be a Tango dancer too!

Gauchos – Argentinian Cowboys

Cowboys in Argentina are called Gauchos.  Gauchos are skillful with their horse skills and have a culture of their own.  

Follow the link below to learn more about gauchos.

Take out a sheet of notebook paper. Write your name, date, and grade on the first three lines. Title your paper Cowboys VS. Cowboys.

After your title, draw a Venn Diagram. Use the diagram to compare and contrast US and Argentinian cowboys.

Don’t forget to place this completed activity/product into the pocket of your white Journey into Reading envelope.

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