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Social Studies

Mountain Climber Follow the link below and read about mountaineers who climbed Mt. Everest.


  1. Take out a sheet of notebook paper. Write your name, date, and grade on the first three lines.  Title your paper Mt. Everest.

  2. Skip a line and write #1. Next to number #1, write a short paragraph about whether you would climb Mt. Everest or not.

  3. Use the link below to read about Mt. Everest.

  4. Skip a line after your last entry on your paper. Write #2. Next to #2, write a paragraph about items you would need if you were to climb Mt. Everest.
  5. Now, watch the Google Earth video of a simulated climb of Mt. Everest using the link below.

  6. Skip a line after your last entry and write #3. Now that you have finished learning about Mt. Everest, write a paragraph about the hardest part of climbing to the summit of Mt. Everest and the best part of climbing Mt. Everest. Also, answer the following question. Why would some people want to climb a tall mountain like this? Record your response and answers next to #3 on your paper.

  7. What kind of Sherpa’s would you like to have?  Use the websites below to research Sherpa.

  8. Locate the last entry on your paper. Skip a line and write #4. Now that you know a little more about Sherpas, write a summary of what you read.
Don’t forget to place this completed activity/product into the pocket of your white Journey into Reading envelope.

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