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Snowflakes are tiny specks of art that fall from the sky.  Every single snowflake is unique and there is plenty of snow in Antarctica.  

Take a look at this video to learn a little more about the art of snowflakes and the snowflake man.

It’s pretty easy to cut out a snowflake, or two or ten.  All you need is paper and some scissors and a little bit of patience and you will be a snowflake artist in no time.  

Follow the directions at the link below to learn to cut out your very own snowflakes.

Create 3 snowflakes. Keep 2 of them for yourself and submit one as an artifact.

Penguin Craft

We already know that there are several species of penguins on Antarctica.  

Watch the video to learn a little more about these amazing animals.  As you watch the video, closely observe their physical characteristics.

It's super simple to make a paper plate penguin craft at home.  

Take a look at the link below for information on how you can make your own penguin. Think about the different types of penguins on Antarctica. Use the directions to create representations of at least three different penguins.

Don’t forget to place this completed activity/product into the pocket of your white Journey into Reading envelope.

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