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Uniform Options


As the school year winds down, we can not help but be excited about the launch of Springwoods Village Middle School.  We greatly appreciate all of the parents and students who have given input, feedback and support during this process.  We look forward to continuing to work closely with you.   Many parents expressed they would like a one stop shop for uniforms.  We are pleased to announce that you may purchase dress code items online at Land's End. 

The custom shopping experience for Springwoods Village Middle School is live and may be viewed here 

There are many options to choose from at this site.  However, you do not have to order from Land's End.  
If you choose to not order from Land's End, please keep the following in mind:
   1) Whatever is worn as the top outer garment must contain the school crest on the upper left portion of the garment.
   2) Tops must have a collar. Polo or oxford style shirts are appropriate. Our required colors for tops are teal, black, grey or white.  
   3) Bottoms should be black, grey or khaki.  No jean material, yoga pants, or joggers.
   4) No hoodies are allowed.  Blazers, sweaters and cardigans with a crest may be purchased as an option.
Land's End will have a fitting at Northgate Crossing on July 18, 2019, from 8:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m., for all who are interested in attending.  Additionally, they frequently run sales and often have a code for 40% off of one item at the top of their website.
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