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Board Approves Spring Rewards Strategic Compensation Plans for Teachers, Classroom Paras and Principals

Spring Rewards - investing in high performance HOUSTON – Feb. 1, 2019 – The Spring ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved two new strategic compensation plans – Spring Rewards – designed to recognize and reward educators who demonstrate high performance and excellence.

The district will phase in the new plan for full-time teachers and campus-based, classroom paraprofessionals over the next couple of years with payouts starting in the 2020-21 school year. A second plan rewards campus principals who lead a high-performing school with payouts to principals starting in 2019-20.

Chief Human Resources Officer Deeone McKeithan said, “The program highlights our focus on rewarding high performance from our employees, specifically our teachers as well as our campus classroom paraprofessionals that are actually driving the work with our students in order to get the achievement which we all believe is possible here in Spring ISD.”

The incentives, could add up to as much as $2,250 pre-tax for paraprofessionals, $4,000 pre-tax for teachers, and up to $5,000 pre-tax for campus Principals.

McKeithan said the district had accepted the Board’s challenge to pursue an A rating for every school and the principal incentive is designed to help meet that challenge.

“We know a building leader is incredibly important in order to drive the work that is happening in our schools,” McKeithan said. “We want to have that high standard and expectation for campus leaders across our district and we believe that this is not only an attainable target for our principals but also going to be challenging for our teachers and paraprofessionals.”

Overall McKeithan believes the Spring Rewards strategic compensation will help the district not only recruit but also retain the best talent for positively impacting the lives of scholars.

“I’ve been passionate about this,” said Trustee Justine Durant, who mentioned the need to be equitable, able to track and monitor the plan and also fund it. “I’m really excited that we have reached a point where we are able to do that.”

Employees must be in good standing to be eligible for Spring Rewards incentives.