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Reading Grades K-2

After watching the video with a parent complete the task below:

Draw a picture of a canoe! Once you have completed your drawing, write adjectives that describe the river on different types of paper and paste them to your canoe.

Reading Grades 3-5

Read the article on this website:     


Use the article to create a 1-page information sheet about Mackenzie River in North America.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What kinds of animals are found in and near the river?
  2. What environmental concerns are the concerning the river?
  3. Where did the river’s name come from? What does it mean?
  4. How do the local people benefit from the river?

Make sure to include illustrations!

Reading Grades 6-8

Project Title:  Book Trailer
Project Directions: Design a movie-style trailer that excites your classmates about the novel you selected to read.  In this trailer, describe some of the most exciting or intense moments, interesting facts, or key vocabulary. You can use find a template for your trailer on https://biteable.com/templates/

Return completed activities to campus between August 14th-23rd.

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