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Grades K-2

Read about the Mackenzie River at

After reading and watching the video about The Mackenzie River in N.
America (Canada) answer the question, what countries of the U.S. benefit
from this large river? What are the benefits and consequences of damming up
The Mackenzie River? Draw (illustrate) The Mackenzie river with its damming
system and include the animals in the ecosystem along this river.

Grades 3-5

Read about the Mackenzie River at

Climate change and damming The Mackenzie River triggered a change
in the hydrology of The Mackenzie affecting its water flow. If this trend
continues scientists conclude it could lead to a transformation in the ocean
current patterns of the Artic consequently affecting climates and
ecosystems worldwide. As a young scientist what solutions or project can
you come up with that will affect positive change to this major river?

Grades 6-8

Read the articles and then use the prompt to create a product relating to the article.

Students are to create a power point that represents your vision of the Mackenzie River.

Return completed activities to campus between August 14th-23rd.

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