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The Amazon has over 3,000 species of fish living in it and more are being discovered every day.  Watch the video on the right to learn about the Top 10 terrifying and big fish of the Amazon.  While you’re watching the video, begin thinking about finding an undiscovered fish. Imagine what the fish would look like, what it would eat and what it would be called.  

Now that you’ve seen some the most unique fish from the Amazon river, you are going to create your own newly discovered fish.  Before you design the fish, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How big is the fish?
  • What is the coloring?
  • What does the fish eat & how does this impact the way it looks? Does it need huge teeth?
  • What special or rare features does the fish have?
  • How does the fish move? Does it have normal fins or does it move more like the eel?

After you have a design in mind for your fish, draw it and color it on a piece of blank white paper.  Remember to name your fish and even add in some of the habitat if you choose to do so.

If you need help in learning how to draw a fish, check out the video below.  Remember, you can change up the things you learn in the video to match the fish you design.  

Return completed activities to campus between August 14th-23rd.

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