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Have you ever heard of Capoeira?  Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art which combines dancing, acrobatics and music as well.  People who practice Capoeira have to be powerful, fast and able to perform a variety of kicks, spins and other moves.  Capoeira is so special and unique to Brazil, that in 2014 it was granted the special status of an “intangible cultural heritage” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  

To get a better idea of what Capoeira looks like, take a look at the following video which was filmed in Brazil by the Today Show.  As you watch the video, be thinking of what other dance form this reminds you of.

In Brazil, children who are interested begin learning Capoeira begin learning at a very early age.  The kids of BodySport Capoeira made an instructional video especially for kids to show and teach the names of the moves.  Put on some comfortable clothes and get ready to try some Capoeira. As you watch the video below, read the name of each move (they are in Portuguese) then try the moves.  Which ones can you actually do? Do you enjoy the basic moves like the Ginga or the Au? Or do you prefer the attack and defense moves? Maybe you like one from the group of “Kid’s Favorites” the best.  Feel free to stop the video and go back as many times as you need to in order to master the moves.

When you are finished, make a list of the moves you were able to master and then write down what your favorite move was, and why!

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