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Reading Grades K-2

Read about the Chang Jaing River at this website:

Before reading the Encyclopedia Facts page with a parent complete the task below:

Create a list of where and how you will read your Facts page each day. Cross them off your list after you read.

Examples: under a tree—in a car—to a pet—by a window—with a flashlight—on the couch—at the pool—to a parent—with a friend—on the grass—in the sunshine—on my bed.

Take out a piece of paper and create your prepositional reading timeline. Print off your facts page and enjoy reading!

Reading Grades 3-5

Read about the Chang Jiang (Yangtze) in China at this website:

After reading the article, draw the Chang Jiang river on a long sheet of construction paper. Use information from the article, to label and draw animals, river habitats, and other important details that make the Chang Jiang River unique.

Reading Grades 6-8

Project Title:  Advertisement

Project Directions: Create an advertising campaign to sell either a location or product mentioned in one of the books.  The product can be real or imaginary. Be sure to incorporate what you know about persuasion and rhetorical devices.

Return completed activities to campus between August 14th-23rd.

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